Conservative conference greeted by huge Manchester protests

Conservatives arriving at their conference in Manchester faced “up to 30,000” people taking part in various protests, according to GMP.

Theresa May faced calls to grant a second referendum on Brexit as thousands of Remain supporters gathered for a march.

Former health secretary Stephen Dorrell joined Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable at a rally in Manchester. The protests featured EU flags and a mash-up of Mrs May and Tory ministers in a bizarre float.

Mr Dorrell said people should have the ‘opportunity to change their minds’. Sir Vince said there was ‘civil war’ between the prime minister and Boris Johnson.

He added: “The main point I will be making is that we’re not citizens of nowhere as Boris Johnson and Theresa May think. We’re proud to be British and proud to be European.

“They [Conservatives] are fundamentally divided, disunited, disorganised – and this is the government that is supposed to be negotiating for Britain.”

Anti-austerity protesters calling for the Tories to be kicked out of power took part in a large march and rally.

Three protesters were arrested after wheelchair-users blocked tram lines in St Peter’s Square.

GMP said there were no other arrests.

Leading GMP’s operation for the conference, Chief Superintendent John O’Hare, said up to 30,000 people protested in the city centre.

Thousands of Labour supporters, union members and members of other left-wing parties waved placards and wore fancy dress. They also chanted “Oh, Jeremy Corbyn” as they took part in The People’s Assembly march against austerity.

In a speech in Piccadilly Gardens, a trade union leader called for a general strike on public sector pay to “bring the Tories down”.

Police helicopters hovered overhead, as police threw smoke bombs to stop protesters joining The People’s Assembly march against austerity.

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Photo Credit: RT UK

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