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Conservatives and DUP finally strike £1bn government deal

Theresa May has finally secured a costly deal with the Northern Irish DUP party. The deal is set to support her weakened government, following weeks of painstaking negotiations.

Early indications showed Ms May had been forced to ditch election manifesto commitments. She also promised £1bn of extra spending and even lucrative new tax powers to Northern Ireland to secure the DUP’s support.

Documents revealed that the deal will be reviewed after two years. Many argue it will encourage the DUP to make further demands of the UK government. This is all dependant on whether the Conservatives wish to continue the arrangement past 2019.

The deal comes after a fortnight since the election which resulted in a hung Parliament. It will see the 10 DUP MPs back the Tories in key Commons votes.

There will be £1bn extra for Northern Ireland over the next two years.

DUP leader Arlene Foster said the “wide-ranging” pact was “good for Northern Ireland and the UK” but one critic said it was a “straight bung”.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the deal was “clearly not in the national interest”.

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams said it enabled a “Tory Brexit which threatens the Good Friday Agreement”.

It has prompted calls for matching public investment in Wales and Scotland.

Mrs May claimed the agreement would be a “very, very good one”, despite a backlash from other parts of the UK. There are also concerns that tying her government to the socially conservative DUP will drag the country further to the political right.

A three-page document outlining the terms of the agreement has been published in full. The DUP said it would apply for the lifetime of the Parliament, scheduled to last five years.

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Photo Credit: The Telegraph

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