Constance Wu to star in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Constance Wu is in talks to star as the lead in Warner Bros’ adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians.

The movie will be directed by Jon M. Chu and will feature an all-Asian cast. It is based on the New York Times, best-selling novel of the same title. The novel is written by Singaporean novelist Kevin Kwan.

The screenplay is written by Peter Chiarelli and Adele Lim. The story focuses on the lives of Chinese families living in Singapore.

The film centres on the life of Rachel Chu, who is an American born Chinese-economics professor. Chu travels to Singapore – her boyfriend’s hometown – to attend her best friend’s wedding. Secrets are revealed about Chu’s boyfriend’s lifestyle.

Constance Wu is expected to take this lead role. The project is reportedly in the development stages. Wu has recently seen success and has become the ‘breakout star’ of ABC series, Fresh Off the Boat.

Last year, Wu spoke out against Hollywood’s lack of diversity and stereotyping. Wu wrote, “We have to stop perpetuating the racist myth” that only a “white man can save the world”.

Wu said, “It is not based on actual fact. Our heroes don’t look like Matt Damon”. The actress said Hollywood is supposed to be about “great stories” which should be made.

The announcement of the movie comes after Hollywood has faced criticism for ‘whitewashing’. Asians have especially faced exclusion from roles within Hollywood.

A 2016 study by the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California reported difficulty. The study found that more than half of films and TV shows had no speaking roles for Asian characters.

It is also often the case that white actors play non-white characters. This is also in the modelling industry – recently model Karlie Kloss posed as a geisha.

The all-Asian cast will bring something different and refreshing to cinema screens.

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