Contraception naivety causing child marriage in Nepal

Research conducted by Human Rights Watch, has found that a lack of knowledge of contraception and reproduction, is causing young girls in Nepal to see marriage as their only option.

According to the report, “Approximately 37 percent of girls marry before age 18; 10 percent before they turn 15. In some marginalised communities, the rate is as high as 87 percent”.

Since sex before marriage is still very much frowned upon in Nepal, most girls who are clueless about pregnancy prevention, opt to elope at very young ages. This is despite laws against child marriage, which are sadly rarely enforced.

A section of the curriculum in schools reportedly tackles sex education and reproduction, for students aged 13 and 14. Sadly, this is often too late for many girls, who are already married at the age of 10, 11 or 12. It also isn’t compulsory to go through the education system in Nepal, so some parents will opt to send their children off to work instead.

This lack of sex education seems to be contributing to the issue of young mothers in the country, which can be more dangerous for mother and daughter alike, the younger you fall pregnant.

Nepal is part of the ‘South Asian Initiative to End Violence Against Children’ (SAIEVAC), which is working with a number of countries to put a stop to child marriage.

As it stands though, a lack of contraception knowledge and young marriages are both still pressing issues.

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Photo Credit: Al Jazeera English

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