Cook down chicken






Wash selected chicken pieces in lemon or lime.

Season chicken with a teaspoon of the following; pimento, thyme, coarse black pepper, all purpose seasoning, garlic, curry powder, red scotch bonnet, onions and thyme.

Stir ingredients in then leave to stand over night or as long as possible. The longer the time left the deeper the ingredients penetrates into the chicken.

Heat five table spoons of rapeseed oil into a deep pot, then start to brown and caramelise the chicken pieces.

Ensure that all garnishes are remove from chicken prior to frying. After all chicken pieces are caramelised store them into the bowl were the garnish and marinate is.

Empty all excess oil out of pan into a cup, leave to go hard before disposing of this waste.

Place the same pan onto the stove minus the excess oil and add all other ingredients including the chicken pieces, then add water to cover the chicken and leave to simmer for 40 minutes on the hob.

Then add thickener and allow to thicken for a further 10 minutes. Then remove from heat then serve…


Serving suggestions; Rice & peas, rice & sweet corn ,vegetables or mash.

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