Corn Beef ‘N’ Rice Part 2…

“I can’t marry Roman!” Lela cried-out in the luxury white stretch limousine that had just pulled-up outside the Baptist church, where she was just moments away from nuptial bliss.

“What!” Sasha barked as she stopped fiddling with Lela’s silver wedding dress, which pressed impeccably on her perfectly taut and toned chocolate frame.

“He’s gay!” Lela screamed.

“But Lela you knew this form time!” Nia attacked while putting her church gloves on, that matched her taupe satin bridesmaids dress.

“Yes you did!” Sasha exploded, “You knew man was bi!”

Depleted, Lela replied, “I thought I was cool with it but I’m not, I can’t be dealing wid no effeminate man”.

“It’s Venny isn’t it?” Sasha scolded, as she started to irritably adjust her own strap on her maid of honour gown, “It’s because he’s manly and now he’s made you realise dat you want a man-up man…I knew you shouldn’t have took piece”.

“I didn’t!” Lela fumed, “Is dat how you tink a me Sash!”

“Stop it!” Nia screamed.

The limo was silent.

Breaking the silence, Nia said worriedly, “Look, the rest of The Six are coming, tings must be poppin arf inna di church”.


Inside the limo…

Knight Jones along with mans cooed in awe of Lela’s wedding couture, Knight beamed, “Oh Babygirl you look so beautiful”.

Lela overwhelmed broke down and began to sob to The Six saying, “You all turned-up for me but I just can’t do it…Please don’t judge me Sash”.

Hugging her world who had been her best friend since they were teenagers Sasha said, “I would never judge you Lela, I love you!”

Ben handed Lela his handkerchief from the top pocket of his tuxedo and said softly, “Everyone is in there Empress and Roman is waiting for you”.

Knight moving over to sit next to Lela held her hand and protectively said to The Six, “Look if she doesn’t want to get married she doesn’t have to!”

“Please tell me this is not about Venny oh, Steele grimaced as he checked himself out in the window of the limousine, “I thought you loved Roman”.

“I do!”

Patting down his hair with his hands Steele urged, “Well go and say I do in da church…And what about Diamond Jewel eh?”

“What about Lela!” Knight responded heatedly, “Look if my girl nar warn marry dude then she doesn’t have to everyone will just av fi get ova it”.

The Six nodded in allegiance.

“Lela what do you wanna do Babygirl”. Knight asked sensitively, while wrapping his arms around her and drying her tears. He requested, “Don’t cry darling, come on tell me”.

Lela weeping uncontrollably replied, “Knight please take me home, I just wanna base-up in ma yard wid a plate a corn beef and rice”.

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