Cornerhouse’s speaking walls

The legendary Cornerhouse is closing on 4 April before relocating to its new address at HOME on First Street. As if the tear-jerking news of its closure was not enough, the much-loved Cornerhouse is marking the occasion by inviting you to share your special memories of the place – be it unforgettable moments, events or films – to bid it farewell.

The crowd-sourced project, The Scribbler, is letting people send in their memories or experiences through or via the Twitter hashtag #cornerhousescribbler, prints them in real time on coloured cards, before displaying them in the building. The memories will be taken over to the new building in HOME when it opens in May.

For many, Cornerhouse has been the site of so many memorable moments, so many lasting relationships and some incredibly influential experiences over the years, making its closure a truly sad end to an era. Whether you met your partner, saw your favourite film or discovered an incredible book there or you simply want to say farewell, The Scribbler will print your message.

Designed and built by Studio Audience (SA), The Scribbler is a designers and coders collective that produces inspiring and innovative digital work.

SA “really wanted to put a human, personal element at the heart of it” and the aim is that as people’s messages come in, “the walls will come alive with memories”.

At least 400 messages have been printed so far; the majority are touching and here is an example from Mr and Mrs Graham and SJ Lennie:

“Cornerhouse, I bought my home here because of you, you are my local, my cinema, my card shop and my art gallery. I love your beer, your food, your art and film and your people. I had my wedding reception here with my soul mate, you are my soul place. Thank you. X”

Not only will the messages be displayed in the current building until it closes, The Scribbler messages “will be taken to HOME to infuse the new venue with the spirit of Cornerhouse audiences”, Cornerhouse spokespersons wrote in a statement.


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