Coronation Street actor Bruno Langley admits sexual assaults

Ex-Coronation Street actor Bruno Langley, 34, has pleaded guilty to two sexual assaults at Manchester Magistrates’ Court.

Langley, of Altrincham, was told he may face a custodial sentence.

ITV said he had left the soap’s cast, but existing storylines meant he would be seen on screen until 24 December.

The court heard Langley had grabbed the crotch of one woman and touched the breasts and bottom of the other while drunk on 1 October.

The court heard he also sexually touched two other women on the same night. However, he was not charged with offences concerning those women.

Prosecutor Karen Saffman said the actor had been “clearly intoxicated” when he approached the first woman, who was out with her husband.

Reading from the woman’s victim statement, she said he had “properly grabbed” her crotch with a “rough grab”.

Langley made his Corrie debut as Todd Grimshaw in 2001 and was the first openly gay character in the soap.

In a statement released before he was charged, the actor said: ‘Sadly, I will no longer be working on Coronation Street.

‘Playing the role of Todd Grimshaw since I was 17 years old has been a huge part of my life, and an absolute honour. ‘I would like to thank all of my friends who work on the show for their love, friendship and support during this extremely difficult period.’

According to a source, his contract ended on 26 October following an internal inquiry into the assault allegation.

Langley, whose family members wiped back tears after his guilty pleas were entered, was told he could face a possible jail sentence.

However, district judge Mark Hadfield asked for a probation report to be prepared on 5 December before he decides whether he will sentence Langley or whether the case needs to be sent to Manchester Crown Court where the defendant could face a longer sentence.

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