Coronation Street actor charged with sexual assault

Coronation Street star Bruno Langley has been charged with two counts of sexual assault.

Langley, 34, who plays Todd Grimshaw in the soap, has been accused for sexually assaulting a woman at a Manchester nightclub.

He will appear at Manchester Magistrate’s Court on 28 November.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson has given a statement regarding a report the police received from a 30-year-old woman. The report stated that she “had been sexually assaulted at a music venue on Swan Street in the Northern Quarter”.

ITV carried out an investigation into the claims earlier this month. The broadcasting company later confirmed that Langley is no longer contracted to Coronation Street.

On 29 October, Langley confirmed that he had left the soap but denied any wrongdoing.

In a statement, the actor said: “Sadly, I will no longer be working on Coronation Street. Acting on the show has been the fulfilment of a personal dream.”

Langley was the first openly gay character in the soap, after joining the programme in 2001.

He also appeared in Doctor Who in 2005.

Following an inquiry, Langley’s contract with the show ended on 26 October.

According to reports, scenes with Langley will be featured until 24 December, as these were filmed before the inquiry started.

A wider problem

The news follows the recent growing wave of allegations related to sexual assaults, against TV personas and politicians.

Anthony Rapp has recently made allegations against actor Kevin Spacey for assaulting him when he was 14.

Spacey later apologised to him although he claimed that he didn’t remember the encounter.

The case of film mogul Harvey Weinstein is still ongoing with dozens of women accusing him for sexually assaulting them.

Even UK Members of Parliament have been reported for assaults against women. One of the accusers, a staff member in the Commons, apparently reported an assault four times to no avail.

With all these sexual assaults emerging, women are getting braver to talk about their incidents and expose these criminal acts.

If Hollywood, UK soap industry and Westminster are riddled with sexual assaults, what about the music, media and other industries?

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