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Coronation Street blasted over racist ‘Kunta Kinte’ comment

Coronation Street bosses have issued a formal apology after a total of 300 viewers complained about a racist comment made on the bank holiday Monday episode [29 August].

In Monday night’s double-bill, Eva Price – played by Catherine Tyldesley – turned up at Audrey’s hair salon for an impromptu appointment to bleach her roots.

Price’s character states when defending her need for a touch-up dye that she ‘has more roots than Kunta Kinte’ before adding that she had ‘no idea who that is’.

The comment she made was deemed disrespectful and racially insensitive due to the overt references to the civil rights novel ‘Roots’ and the main character, Kunta Kinte – who was a slave.

Several viewers took to Twitter to follow the trending discussion. One Twitter user, @msjojofreeman, wrote : “@itvcorrie You wouldn’t make a joke about Ann Frank, that would be bad taste, but Kunta Kinte is okay? Who’s bad idea was that?”

Ofcom are currently assessing the episode and are yet to decide whether a full investigation will be launched.

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Photo Credit: Today’s Celebrities

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