Council plea for electoral registrations

Council urge thousands to act now on electoral registration warning.

 Reminder letters are being delivered warning tens of thousands of Manchester residents who have failed to provide their details for the electoral register that they need to act now.

Early last month letters were sent to more than 220,000 homes in Manchester with details of who was currently registered there. People were being asked to confirm – via text, online or by post – whether the information is still correct.

However, there has been a disappointing response rate with no responses yet from almost  145,000 properties, meaning that only 35 per cent have replied so far when a response rate closer to 50 per cent would be expected at this stage.

Sir Howard Bernstein, Electoral Registration Officer for Manchester, said, “It’s in everyone’s interests to register and everyone’s responsibility to do so. Manchester people need to work with us to ensure that they as individuals, and the city as a whole, do not miss out.

“We understand that after the recent elections people might have ‘registration fatigue’ or be confused about why they need to register again. But this is the national system which we have to administer – we don’t have the discretion to keep people on the register unless they have provided the necessary information.

“There are compelling reasons why people need to make sure they are registered and I would urge people to act now.”

Reasons to register

  • Keep your democratic right to vote in everything from local elections to the forthcoming EU referendum and Greater Manchester mayoral elections.
  • Credit checks Anyone who is not on the register may find it harder to get a loan, mortgage, finance agreement or even a mobile phone contract.
  • Risk a £1,000 fine Registering is a legal obligation and failure to do so carries a fine of up to £1,000.
  • Represent your city There are potential implications for the city if the register does not reflect the city’s population, such as a reduction in Manchester’s representation at Westminster.

Individual electoral registration is particularly challenging for large cities such as Manchester but you can help by visiting today.

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