Couple in their 70s attacked in their home

A couple in their late 70’s have been attacked as thieves broke into their Rochdale home.

Around 6.30pm on Monday 8 January 2017.  A woman was making a cup of tea in her kitchen on Ulster Road while her husband was upstairs.

They both heard a loud bang before three men forced their way into their home.  One of which ran upstairs and ransacked the front bedroom shouting ‘Where’s the money?’

The other two men unplugged the landline and told the couple to sit down in the living room.  Before attacking them with a broom and a metal pole.

The men then tried to shut the couple in the living room but they pushed back, preventing it from shutting.

The offending trio ran out of the house and over a wall.  With a black handbag containing a large amount of cash, stolen from the house.

The husband then ran to the front door and shouted for help. They were both taken to hospital where they were treated for minor injuries.

The men are all described as white, in their 20s and were wearing black clothing.


TNT News

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