Couple finds parasites in their feet after Caribbean vacation

Dozens of parasitic worms were found burrowing in the feet of a young Canadian couple. After a recent trip to the Dominican Republic.

“We were scratching our toes for almost the duration of the trip,” Eddie Zytner said.

Zytner, 25, and his girlfriend, Katie Stephens, 22, of Windsor, Ontario, returned home January 18 with itchy feet. Four days later, that itch turned into painful swelling and blisters, he said.

The pain became so intense that they could not tolerate shoes or socks. The couple had to rely on crutches to walk.

Zytner shared a photo on his Facebook account. Showing tortuous red tracks on his left foot.

After multiple visits to the hospital. The couple was diagnosed with cutaneous larva migrans. Caused by hookworm larvae that probably entered their skin while they were barefoot on the beaches of Punta Cana.

The parasites’ larvae typically burrow through human skin. That comes into contact with sand or soil that has been contaminated with animal faeces.


TNT News

Photo Credit: Health Care

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