Couple who raised £1.2 million told their son must die

£1.2million son must die

A couple, who raised £1.2 million to send their 8-month-old baby to have experimental treatments in America, have been told that their son must ‘die with dignity’.

Charlie Gard was born with a rare form of mitochondrial disease – a genetic condition that causes progressive muscle wasting and brain damage. Doctors from the children’s hospital told the High Court that he suffered irreversible bran damage and that keeping him alive would prolong his suffering.

The court heard the judge rule that his life support machine should be switched off.

This action comes after US doctors admitted the chance of success for the experimental treatment were ‘vanishingly small’. The court also heard that he proposed nucleoside therapy had not even been tried out on mice.

His parents have said they are devastated by the decision but intend to appeal.

They told the Family Division of the High Court they wanted to give their baby “one chance of life”.

Should the court have the right to terminate the life of the child? Let us know your views in the comments down below.

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