How to create the perfect business Facebook post

You may have read our guides to creating the perfect Instagram or Twitter posts for you business. If not, you can find them here and here. But this week is dedicated to Facebook. The mother of all platforms of social media.

With Facebook being perhaps the most used social media site, it’s crucial that your business’ page and the content on it is tip top.

Follow these simple steps to create the perfect business Facebook post:

Post moderately 

Overloading your business Facebook page may in fact have the adverse effects. If you post too regularly Facebook deems the content to be of a poorer quality. If so, the site’s algorithms may not push the post to people’s timelines with as much urgency. Try posting quality content at scattered intervals, rather than inundating your readers at peak time.

Ask for engagement

Much like Twitter, Facebook posts that ask open questions receive more engagement. Studies show that posting a picture and asking Facebook users to caption it is also effective.

Include a photo and a link

Posts that include photos always gain more likes, comments and click-throughs. If a post has an image, it is more eye-catching. Brighter colours with high resolution images are eye-catching and are more likely to grab your reader’s attention when scrolling down the newsfeed.

Use simple language

Overly complex language results in fewer responses and less engagement. Keep the language on each post simple. If you’re trying to encourage your customers, be sure to make the sentences as clear and focussed as possible.

Use emojis (if appropriate)

Studies have shown that posts that include favourable emojis have, on average, 33% more shares and 55% more likes. Before you start posting emojis, be sure to know your page analytics. This way you can see if they work well for your audience or not.

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