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Culps: 0161’s unique and tenacious talent

Much of the headlines are occupied by household names such as Wretch 32, Bugzy Malone, Stormzy, Skepta, just to mention a few. However, many Grime fans argue that whilst no credit is taken away from those names, there are other names who deserve just as much spotlight, if not more; for their grit, tenacity and talent in the music industry.

From Manchester, one of those artists is Culps. The South Manchester artist is one of the city’s finest rappers with a refreshing style that is sure to further colour our city onto the UK’s music scene.

With his recent single Did The Dash going viral online, gaining hundreds of thousands of views already, his rapping style is somewhat that unique velvety mix between Hip-Hop, Grime and contemporary dancehall. It is addictive and certainly a club banger.

Looking ahead into the new year, Culps is scheduled to feature at Blazer Entertainment’s The Takeover ll, on 17 January at Gorilla Manchester. The South Manchester rapper will star alongside other artists from the UK urban music scene.

The return of the hit night has performances from Culps himself, DigDat, Ard Adz, S1 x Sav12 plus special guests. DJ GAZ will be the resident DJ for the night supplying endless vibes.

Also on the bill will be K-Don, Tunde, Osay X OD1 and AP Caps.

Releasing tracks such as ‘Add It Up’ and ‘Faded’, both of Culps’ songs combined have been streamed over one hundred and ten thousand times.

Not to mention, he has also collaborated with some of the city’s best artists, such as K Don and Tyreeeezy on tracks like ‘Gotta Get It’ and ‘Jugging’.

He is for sure a big talent to watch out for, and we at TNT are looking forward to seeing what heat he brings in the new year.

TNT Entertainment

Photo Credit: GRM Daily

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