Dancehall, gold-teet & a whole heap a money…

“War ya wan drink darlin?” The Gold-teet man at the bar asked Nia, as he dazzled her with his golden mouth from his incisors onwards; both sets of teeth, top and bottom, beaming and glowing throughout the nightclub.

The Six had treated themselves to a stress-free night of sweet reggae and dancehall music at a hotspot in Manchester, it was full of mellow vibes, friendly smiley faces along with old skool and new skool tunes.

“Mi have a whole heap a money…War yuh warn drink darlin?” Gold-teet repeated as he tried to grind up on Nia to the beat of the bashment base.

Lela barged her way in front of Nia saying, “She we would like champagne…So put ya money where yuh mouth dey”.

Looking at his wallet Gold-teet replied, “Ya nuh war something else darlin?”


Back at base…

The Six had now all re-joined at the spot where they were camped in the club for the night. Stunned and surprised, they all froze with stares of disbelief at Sasha and Benjamin, who were holding each other close in a dark corner and dancing slow.

“Benjamin!” “Sasha!” Lela shouted, “What’s going on!”

“Is that a rhetorical question?” Knight answered as he joined the conversation with a knock-out chocolate empress in tow.

“I don’t know”, Lela stammered as she knocked back her second shot as Ben and Sasha continued to grind.

10 minutes later in the ladies …

As Nia half-heartedly applied more MAC, Lela wailed, “Hurry up we’re missing the tunes”.
Suddenly picking up on Nia’s low mood, Lela stopped dancing and asked, “Do you still miss Faris Nia?”

“What do you think Lela?”

“I know he loves you”, Lela said lovingly helping Nia re-position her mass of curls.

“Yeah, well, not enough because if he did he wouldn’t have let people’s hate affect our interracial relationship”.

Lela hugged Nia and jokingly remarked, “I was looking forward to meeting my Afro-Asian niece or nephew”.

They both laughed and Lela held Nia’s hand and guided her out the loos saying, “Come beautiful lets go party!”

Back out in the club…

Lela and Nia were killing it at the sight of Knight bruckin-out with his hot gyal, who was working him out hard on the dance floor, whilst Steele was trying desperately to vibes-up a really sophisticated empress.

Gold-teet came back up to Nia re-attempting to talk to her, but Lela blocked his action by lying and saying, “Our man dem are over there…Please, we can’t talk to you”.

Lela and Nia dashed off and made their way towards two other guys who were already trying to attract their attention.

Lela batting her lashes, flirtingly said, “Hi I’m Ley and she’s Ney.”

The two guys could not believe their luck and both offered a wide Colgate smile that was full of gold-teeth, the taller one of the two said, “Mi is Buster and mi bredrin name Pigeon”.

Lela replied, “Err Buster and Pigeon, we need the toilet, we soon come back”.

In fits of laughter, Lela and Nia bolted to the bar for sanctuary.

At the bar…

Lela ordered more drink, and as soon as she finished and turned to leave the bar, she knocked into and spilt her drink over a six foot one brown-skinned dread.

“Oh I’m so sorry!” Lela blurted with embarrassment.

“Its cool empress nuh sweat it”, The dreadlocked man replied.

As the dread turned his attention away from his drink tainted shirt, and focused on Lela, he fixatedly asked, “Are you from Manchester… I’ve never seen you round these parts before?”

“No”, Lela answered.

“What’s your name Queen?”
Lela feeling very attracted to the dread was honest and responded, “Lela…And who are you?”

“I’m Venny”.

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