D’Angelo, D’Angelo, were for art thou been D’Angelo!

D’Angelo’s highly anticipated return after well over a decade did not disappoint a massive turn out as Manchester awaited and then honoured the Black Messiah on the Second Coming Tour 2015.

The majestic, vintage, soulful voice of the black innovator had TNT caught up and had whispers of the iconic Purple Rain by the artist formerly known as Prince. Who could have thought sweet, soulful, crooning R ‘n’ B and rock could sound so sexy and evoke sweet memories of the How Does It Feel video, which tantalised a nation and gave D’Angelo a new female mainstream following.

Michael Eugene Archer, born February 1974, shows us how an artist’s love of great music and vocals should transcend to the audience to give a visual, audio and emotional journey.

This was by far the most honest, wonderful and enlightening concert TNT has seen to date, the experience that D’Angelo was able to channel like a lethal dose of electricity right to your soul and heart was astounding.

He took the crowd back with Brown Sugar and Lady and played his newer accomplishments and the crowd certainly reacted, swaying as they were enchanted and absorbed by it all.

When he finally retired he thanked the crowd and left the stage. Rapturous applause, chanting and stamping brought him back for an impressive 30 minute encore where we went right back into the previous zone.

Dressed in some questionable attire, it was easy to see he has lost almost all of the much talked-about weight- although a little excess surplus around the abdomen area is all that remained. His high definition arms a welcome distraction and ,yes,  his sex appeal is still to die for.

D’Angelo has obviously dealt with some demons during his hiatus, not least his alleged alcoholism and drug possession. The title of sex symbol didn’t help as when his weight soared his confidence plummeted and then the recluse materialised. Truthfully, women in the crowd wished that top would expose that once perfect six-pack and therefore the man that was many a woman’s fantasy, you could feel the pressure of that thought alone as all eyes were on his physique.

Black Messiah received instant acclaim upon its release late last year and D’Angelo has followed up with rave reviews from every leg of his tour, including Manchester.

Welcome back ‘Black Messiah’ TNT enjoyed the second coming!





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