Dave Chapelle donates $50,000 to Flint water crisis

Dave Chapelle gives $50,000 [£39,032] to Flint water crisis

US comedian Dave Chapelle donated all the proceeds from his recent comedy show in Flint to The Community Foundation of Greater Flint. The 43-year-old announced the news to the audience in a charity gig in Flint, Michigan in June.

Chapelle’s funds will be used to help children who have been exposed to the lead water in Flint in the ongoing Flint water crisis. The donation comes from the money Chappelle made from his performance at The Whiting Auditorium.

Speaking on stage to the audience, he said: “I’m honoured that you guys came here tonight. I want you to know that just by coming to see me you supported this city. I’m not taking a dime”.

In his Netflix special, Chappelle revealed that he decided to opt out of the February 2016 #JusticeForFlint benefit event. The reason was that he received a last-minute invitation from Chris Rock to attend the Academy Awards.

Chappelle’s benevolent gesture adds to the growing list of celebrities who have donated to the city’s water crisis. Donors include Eminem, Beyonce, Russell Simmons, Cher, Big Sean, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Mark Wahlberg.

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