David Cameron left note after tragic suicide

A mother who faced eviction after her son committed suicide was found hanged in August of 2015, with a probing nearby note addressed to David Cameron.

An inquest heard that 53-year-old school cook Frances McCormack had been pursued for bedroom tax payments, following the suicide of her 16-year-old son, Jack Allen, in 2013. She received an eviction notice the day before her body was found at her home in Rotherham. Her close friend was the one to discover the body.

The handwritten note, which was dated 10 days before her death, was partially addressed to David Cameron and it described the hardship that bedroom tax was causing her. The ‘bedroom tax’ is a housing benefit entitlement that sees people living in council or housing association properties with one or more spare bedrooms, receive less.

Miss McCormack had been aiding Rotherham Borough Council with its work involving suicide prevention, after a number of young people took their own lives within the area.

Tests on her body discovered a moderate amount of alcohol and a therapeutic level of prescribed antidepressants in her system. However Miss McCormack’s friend, Natalie Richardson, and ex-husband Jimmy Allen both told the inquest that it is unlikely she was trying to kill herself.

Miss Richardson stated, “She was a very strong person, very strong minded. I felt she was getting a lot better with herself”. She also added, “She had spoken to me previously about the property. She wanted to buy into it. That was where her three boys were raised, where Jack took his last breaths”.

Assistant coroner Mark Beresford has said that it was “unclear” if she really intended to take her own life, or whether it as a “staged arrangement” and she “intended to be discovered”. He then went on to remark “The method was strikingly similar to that in which Jack ended his life”.

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photo credit: DFID

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