David Haye returns with a monstrous 130-second knockout

David Haye returned to boxing on the 16th of January with a 130 second knockout victory over Australian Mark De Mori. The 35-year-old, who recently entered the ring for the first time in around 3-and-a-half years, had been sidelined from the sport after recurring shoulder injuries.

Before the bout the finally fit Haye weighed in at the heaviest weight of his career (227 pounds) and during it he seemed intent on making up for lost time, despite the unheralded nature of his opponent.

From the very first sounding of the bell Haye fought on the front foot, immediately delivering an explosive flurry of punches. From then on the former World Heavyweight Champion executed a series of sharp overhand rights, which was enough to flatten his opponent.

Haye’s explosive return is likely to ignite talks of a potential bout with Anthony Joshua, despite the considerable gap in age and professional experience. Both Haye and Joshua have their sights set on dethroning current champion Tyson Fury, although they may have to fight each other before they get their chance at the title.

David Haye’s coach, Shane McGuigan, has been commenting on a possible clash with Joshua. He stated “I think its 100% from our point of view that the Anthony Joshua fight will happen. When Joshua gets to that position, will he be ready? It’s an interesting fight and I’m definitely backing my man to knock him out”.

The Hayemaker’s recent success has resulted in him making a swift return to the World Boxing Association’s top 10. However Fury, who claimed the title from Wladimir Klitschko in November 2015, has repeatedly refused to acknowledge David Haye as a contender after he previously cancelled two proposed fights.

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Photo credit: DaveyBoyEssexUK

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