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Debenhams to sell hijabs

Debenhams has announced plans which will see them become the first UK department store to sell hijabs.

The hijabs will be introduced to Debenhams’ department stores and will be sold alongside other Islamic items of clothing. The store has confirmed that they will sell a whole new range of clothing which caters to muslim women.

London-based clothing brand, Aab, is behind the line. The line provides ‘contemporary’ modest wear for women. Along with hijabs, tops, dresses, jumpsuits, kimono wraps, hijab pins and headscarves will also be sold.

The new line will firstly debut at Debenham’s Oxford Street Branch. It will then be introduced to the branches in Manchester’s Trafford Centre and Birmingham’s Bullring. The Islamic dress will also be stocked at Leicester’s Highcross Shopping Centre.

The launch of the new line coincides with the opening of Debenhams stores in Muslim countries. Debenhams stores will open in Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The introduction of the hijabs – and the new line – to the store upholds a sense of equality and inclusivity. The new range will increase the amount diverse stock sold at the store.

Debenhams’ Jeanette Whithear said that the department store is, “a step closer” to catering to “broader customer needs”.

The “high quality fashion range” will appeal to “international markets” and the company’s “domestic customer service”.

Nazmin Alim, founder and creative director of the Aab said that the partnership with Debenhams is “very exciting”.

She said that the brand was founded to be one which caters to “everyday modern wardrobe staples”.

The move has been praised by members of the community. However, others have been less supportive of the move.

On Twitter one user wrote, “They already have their own private retail outlets for these items”.

Others have threatened to boycott the store. In support one user wrote, “This is massive. Well done to Debenhams.”

The move is a great way to encourage inclusion and promote diversity.


TNT Business

Photo Credit: Aab

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