‘Declaration’: a candid look at ADHD and mental health

Challenging the stereotypes with a candid look at ADHD, #mental #health and #diagnosis in the 21st #century is ‘Declaration’.

In the new play that is coming to Manchester, audiences meet Sarah, an instinctive, curious and bold character. Her childhood #doctor thought it was sugar, her current doctor thinks its ADHD. But Sarah feels different. What will a label do? Will it change the way you see her? Or even, the way she sees herself?

‘Declaration’ was created by Art with Heart, a #Manchester-based theatre company, in consultation with medical professionals and support groups. The play follows Sarah’s journey from childhood to present day. It offers a rare insight into how #ADHD impacts at different stages of a person’s life.

Writer and performer Sarah Emmott said “I’ve always felt different, but never wrong. The older I got, the harder it became to juggle everything and I wasn’t coping as well as I was pretending to.

“I’ve known a lot of people who have battled with their #mentalhealth; you never know what happens behind closed doors. I want to open mine, invite you in with a warm welcome and declare that I’m not ok, with hope that we might be able to talk about it together”.

The play examines the faces we wear to fit in and what happens when we are forced to declare our differences. The production seeks to show that adult diagnosis can be complex, frustrating and isolating.

Declaration also seeks to challenge the mainstream media image of #ADHD. ADHD isn’t just a ‘naughty child’ tearing round a supermarket. It can be a 31 year old woman trying desperately to get it together and get to work on time.

The production is presented in partnership with the ADHD Foundation. The #ADHDFoundation work to improve emotional #wellbeing and #educational attainment. They also work towards improving behaviour through better understanding and self-management of ADHD, #ASD and related learning difficulties.

‘Declaration’ will be live at Oldham Library on 12-13th May. It will also be at #TheLowry, Salford on 24th June.

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