Demand for free recycling bins sky-rockets

Manchester City Council has reported a surge in orders for recycling bins ahead of the introduction of new, smaller grey-bins.

Residents will be given a 140-litre bin, down from 240-litres, for non-recyclable waste between August and October, which has led to an almost three-fold increase in demand for recycling bins.

The council also reported a huge increase in the demand for the small, kitchen recycling bins, called caddies, with a 264 per cent increase in orders.

Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Nigel Murphy, said: “It’s great to see so many households taking up our offer of free additional recycling capacity.

Information stickers will be placed on general waste bins, which are currently black, before the final collection, and a guide will be distributed explaining what can be recycled.

The initiative is expected to save the city £2.4million in waste disposal costs, besides the positive environmental impact.

In July, at the Manchester: A Certain Future AGM, it was announced the city is currently behind its carbon-emission targets, and a huge effort will be required to hit the new targets set for 2050.

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