Designer’s dress makes body-shaming statement

British designer Jojo Oldham has created a dress which states every comment anyone has ever made about her body.

Jojo decided to design the dress in an attempt to highlight how common it is for a woman to be judged based on her body.

The comments – some of which are negative and some of which are positive – fill the entirety of the white bodycon dress.

Phrases amongst the negative comments include “thunder thighs”, “sausage fingers” and “has anyone ever told you that you have really weird knees?”

The more positive phrases include comments such as “great rack”, “damn fine” and “bangin curves”. Despite these comments being positive, they are not necessarily appreciated. Far too much emphasis is still put on a woman’s body image and this can often cause low self esteem in a lot of cases.

Jojo has spoken of her body image journey and why she’s chosen now to produce the dress.

“In the past I would have felt embarrassed to make such an honest piece because I felt there was truth in the negative things people have said about me, but now I don’t feel that need to fight my body and try and make it fit a mould that it clearly wasn’t made to fit”.

She hopes that other women and young girls will relate to her experiences and be encouraged to be less critical of their bodies.

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Photo credit: POPSUGAR Entertainment

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