Dessert Republic – The home of sweet sensations

Situated on Barlow Moor Road in the lively heart of Chorlton, Dessert Republic (DR) is a haven for lovers of anything sweet. Opened in August of 2015, the family-run establishment has a warm and enchanting feel that is personified within owner Adil Khan.

Dessert Republic’s pristine and appealing exterior reflects the suave nature of its Sean Henderson beautifully designed interior – with a wide 15ft front window enabling natural light to surge through the restaurant. Its primary white and grey colour scheme elicits a classy, fresh and dynamic feel, whilst the abundance of marble surfaces provides an edgy yet welcoming tone.

As TNT entered the premises, it was immediately evident that the restaurant’s vibrancy was the order of the day, as bright pink lighting arose from the floor and the edges of the ceiling. These rotary lights also have the ability to change colour, by the owner’s accord; consequently giving the restaurant the option to convey a multitude of atmospheres through differing modes of lighting.

Dessert Republic’s vivid and contemporary nature was also highlighted through its American-style leather booths and benches, which were spacious and endurably comfortable. The restaurant achieves an air of exclusivity and prestige through its immaculate interior and symmetrically located ‘DR’ emblems.

First up on the menu was a Ferrero Roche cake, which was selected from a range of fresh cake slices; all of which are priced at £2.50. The cake itself was a delight as the rich cream intertwined with the moreish and gooey chocolate sponge, whilst its accompaniments of ice cream and sauce were also worth reveling in.

The vanilla ice cream was occupied with rich white chocolate chunks whilst a thick toffee sauce provided the cake with extra tang. The dish was finalised by the initials ‘DR’ being shrewdly lavished across the plate, in cocoa powder.

Dessert Republic’s American stack pancakes were next in line within the dining experience. The three generously sized pancakes were layered with white chocolate before being topped with a pervasive chocolate sauce and large succulent strawberries. The dish, which was partnered with a glass of maple syrup, was triumphant from the first taste to the last. The establishment’s focus on presentation was clear to see upon the dish’s arrival, as the illusion of the maple syrup floating in a glass provided an artistic spectacle.

To conclude the meal we tried a pot of mojito mint herbal loose tea, which arrived with a sophisticated tool named ‘the perfect team timer’, designed to measure the brewing time of specific types of tea. The mojito mint tea was immensely cleansing and was bursting with a robust herbal aroma, a perfect treat for the metabolism system. The tea’s infusion of mint, lime and lemon ultimately made us depart feeling refreshed and revitalised.

The restaurant is inundated with luscious and unique ice cream, all of which is Swiss Mövenpick, and boasts over ten distinctive flavours including caramelita, maple walnut and cinnamon. A flavour of the day is on offer depending on the season, with previous favourites including coconut and chocolate and pear sorbet.

Whilst the establishment prides itself on its sweet dishes, it also offers a number of delicious savoury options in the form of crepes, grilled paninis, sandwiches and wraps. The restaurant also presents a comprehensive variety of fillings, ranging from tuna melt to cajun chicken.

A variety of sweet crepes also grace Dessert Republic’s menu and a choice of all the usual accompaniments are available, from Nutella to cookies. Owner Adeel revealed to TNT that recently customers have been glorifying their selection of individual desserts, which are available from its patisserie counter.

`The options in this department include a coconut and raspberry tart, a bakewell tart and a peanut butter stack, which is unsurprisingly a favourite of many upon considering the depth of flavour within the mouth-watering stack.

TNT Food & Drink Billy Rooney

Food: ****
Service: ****
Ambience: ***

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