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‘Devils’ broke into a church and stole the contents of charity box



Devil masked thieves broke into a church.  They locked a priest in a cupboard and stole the contents of the church charity box.

Shortly after 4am on Tuesday 9 January 2018 police were called.  After two men broke into the priest’s living quarters of St Joseph’s Church on Gorton Road in Reddish.

The two men smashed through the glass door of the living quarters. Forced their way into a priest’s bedroom before threatening him with a screwdriver and robbing him. They stole personal belongings from him.  Then forced him to take them to the place where the church donations were kept.

Once they had been shown where they were, the men locked him in a cupboard. Before stealing cash, an Apple iMac, an iPhone and a watch.

Two other priests hid in their rooms after hearing what was going on and called the police. The offenders heard the police car and made off down Lingard Street as officers arrived.

The men were both white. One was wearing a red devil mask, gloves and had brown/ginger hair which could also have been a wig. The other man was around 5ft 7 tall and wearing a black balaclava and armed with a screwdriver.

Detective Constable Budsworth, said: “This was a terrifying robbery where the offenders really are the lowest of the low. They knew that they were intending on stealing money that had been donated to charity.

“The victims were left incredibly shaken by their ordeal.


TNT News

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