Digital Media Assistant Christina: TNT Behind the Scenes

Digital Media Assistant Christina

If you follow us *(which you definitely should)* on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the chances are that you have read Christina’s work.

As Digital Media Assistant, one of Christina’s main priorities is social media. She effortlessly schedules and publishes all of our social media content. She makes sure that we are always active, always responsive and always listening to your thoughts and views.

With an eye for what’s happening in the world, Christina tirelessly searches for fresh, new content. With a bright sense of humour, Christina also manages to find other featured posts.

This content is always inspirational, uplifting and sure to improve your day, no matter how grumpy you began it!

For more updates on what happens behind the scenes here at TNT, stay tuned every Tuesday at noon for regular updates.

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Photo Credit: The Nubian Times

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