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Diversity in travel TV with Kellee Edwards

Breaking the glass ceiling, Kellee Edwards is the second black woman in history to have her own travel show aired on Travel Channel.

Edwards is making strides within the industry of travel and wants to change the picture of previous female travel stereotypes. Her goal is to cement a more inclusive network.

Currently she is the only black woman to host her own show on the television network. She is the second black woman in history to do so.

Edwards is a qualified pilot, scuba diver and adrenaline junkie who loves the thrill of life and adventure. Her taste for thrill and adventure and #travelgoals Instagram posts help her land her own show this year.

The travel channel debuted her show Mysterious Islands on 10 October 2017. The show takes viewers on a journey to find the best bargains, private beaches and the hidden gems of the lesser-known islands.

Edwards has set her dreams high as she plans to develop representation in the travel industry to ensure that all people are included. She also wants to ensure that everyone is given the same opportunities and to inspire young woman all around the world.

“It’s no secret that the travel media has been dominated by older white males for so long. It’s not a space that they should own and solely represent any longer,” Edwards said.

Edwards will be exploring over 100,000 islands in the world and many of which will be unknown to viewers. She explained that her love for travel came from her desire to see more of the world.

“When I got older I wanted to know what was beyond where the highway could take me. Years later that meant learning how to fly airplanes and getting my pilots license”.

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Photo Credit: Glassell House and Tito Herrera

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