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DJ Khaled: ‘I don’t perform oral sex on wife; men are kings’

An interview resurfaced from 2015 featuring DJ Khaled revealing he doesn’t perform oral sex on his wife because there are “different rules for men.”

“A woman should praise the man — the king,” says the 42-year-old rapper and Weight Watchers social media ambassador.

“If you holding it down for your woman I feel like the woman should praise. And a man should praise the queen. But you know, my way of praising is called, ha-ha, ‘How was dinner?’, ‘You like the house you living in? You like all them clothes you getting?”

He adds, “I’m taking care of your family, I’m taking care of my family…’ You know, I’m putting in the work.”

The interviewer then asked, “So, you’re saying you don’t go down?”

“Nahhh. Never!” Khaled replied saying “I don’t DO that” several times saying it wouldn’t be okay for a woman to refuse to perform oral sex on a man.

According to Khaled, it’s because men are kings.

“It’s different rules for men,” he explains. “You gotta understand, we the king. There’s some things that y’all might not wanna do, but it got to get done. I just can’t do what you want me to do. I just can’t.”

Khaled’s comments elicited a variety of responses, including one from “All Star” musicians Smash Mouth.

The band tweeted “A king who doesn’t is no King at all.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson replied to Khaled’s comments saying, “Ahem… *clears throat* As a man, I take great pride in mastering ALL performances. This is probably a little TMI…I will now quietly excuse myself from this fun thread.”

Actress Evan Rachel Wood encouraged Khaled to “grow up.”

Khaled has yet to address the comments he made during The Breakfast Club interview.

Naturally, the public reacted on social media, with @vitobonespur wtiting: “Maybe his women have all had hygiene problems…??? Too bad. He’s missing out!”

Adding to the backlash to DJ Khaled, @fabs wrote: “DUMB HIP HOP, crap music, brainless, arrogant gangsta culture.”

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