Doctor Who: First ever female to play the Time Lord

History has been made this year, as we now have the first female ‘Doctor Who’.

BroadChurch’s Jodie Whittaker has been chosen to step into the role of ‘The Doctor’ in the 13th season.

Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving the programme and a debate had been stirring over who should be the next Doctor.

Jodie Whittaker is the first woman in the drama series to be cast as the Time Lord.

Head writer and executive producer Chris Chibnall said “I always knew I wanted the 13th Doctor to be a woman. Her audition for the Doctor simply blew us all away”.

Huddersfield-born Whittaker, who made her debut in BroadChurch, said it was “overwhelming, as a feminist, to become the next Doctor”.

A female doctor is what many viewers over the years have been eagerly waiting for. A female doctor will bring a fresh new outlook to the drama. Whilst delivering the gripping fantasy that ‘Doctor Who’ has always given.

Whittaker will make her debut when The Doctor regenerates in the Christmas Special.

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Photo Credit: Ibsan73

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