Does society ignore LGBT teens?

The sex education in many schools is appalling to say the least. I am 15 now and so far have had only one lesson on sex education. What is even more worrying is that in the short lesson we did have nothing other than heterosexual relationships were mentioned.

It is compulsory that all schools teach sex education but the specifics of this are vague and many schools neglect teaching students about any genders other than cisgender and any sexualities other than heterosexuality.

The vast majority of teens are pro-LGBT and whenever anyone uses “gay” as an insult, or any other homophobic quip, they are instantly scolded by their peers. The youth of today are in general very well educated about the LGBT community due to the internet and in particular sites such as tumblr and youtube. However, many teens feel as though adults and teachers do not acknowledge non-heterosexual sexualities or genders besides cisgender.

At this point if we did have LGBT sex education it would be too little too late as many teens have already figured out their sexualities and genders for themselves without the help of any authority figures. The LGBT youth educate themselves and educate their heterosexual friends.

A friend told me, “Yes society definitely does ignore LGBT teens and this is terrible but most lgbt teens have found their own ways to educate themselves. Still, I hope that one day society learns to treat LGBT teens the way they deserve and that they can learn about their sexualities in school instead of on the internet.”

TNT Growing Pains Ruby Fatimilehin

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