Don’t tell me you love me by Tanya Royes













Tanya Royes’ novel adds new meaning to the term ‘Love never dies’

Unforgiving and prideful vs calm and charming, Darius Johnson, battles with his desires and demons to find happiness. But what is happiness when you’re mourning the death of your beloved Grandma?

A new life begins and he grudgingly moves back home to word wrestle with headstrong mum and teenage sister. His sister is developing an attitude and dancing with fire. A sudden arrival causes a shift in the family dynamics.

Impressing women with his casual bravado he relishes in risky escapades with a gutsy allurer DJ. He sinks into lust with his ex-girlfriend. But, when the game is in session, Darius misses the lesson when the unknown entices him – a gorgeous and graceful enigma, Faye.

This leads him to switch up the game and marvel at the beauty of the mysterious woman. Darius wonders if he is face to face with his soul-mate or fate for something bigger.

He does this as he motions through the seasons of life without Grandma, resurfacing unresolved matters and family secrets.

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