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Dougy’s Uptown ups the tempo in Chorlton

“Dougy’s is not just a business, it’s a community icon” – Dougy’s Dennis

Situated on the lively strip of Manchester Road, Dougy’s Uptown is the new Caribbean restaurant gaining much attention in Chorlton.

The family-run business has been in operation in Manchester since 1991, with its clientele stretching as far as Blackpool.

Officially launching its second branch in Chorlton, the restaurant had a stream of customers throughout the day.

Dougy’s has been open on Great Western Street serving an array of West Indian dishes that have vegetarian, vegan and halal options as well.

From patties, soups, lamb dishes, punch and much more, Dougy’s prides itself on its unwavering customer service and benevolent ethos.

“There is a lot of hardship in that area (Great Western Street), the socio-economics of that area is bad. A lot of people are on benefits there. Some people have to make a decision of whether to buy their dinner or buy gas”, manager Dennis told TNT.

“We always make sure that somebody gets something to eat. We cook on the day; everything is freshly made. A lot of our customers generally come towards the end of the day because they know we try not to waste”.

Named ‘Dougy’s Uptown’ because “we are up in the town of Chorlton”, the new branch will be serving meals from breakfast to dinner time.

Manning the self-funded business is Dennis’ family plus university students on work experience in catering. Prior to managing Dougy’s, Dennis was a Youth Officer for 32-years in Wythenshawe. His networks from then have been instrumental in Dougy’s continued success.

As Dennis spoke to TNT, diners continued to curiously walk into the restaurant before ordering a dish. Meanwhile, DJ Genius from Legacy serenaded the restaurant’s visitors and diners with a medley of RnB, indie, jazz and soul tracks.


Echoing Dennis’s ethos was co-owner Pauline (his sister) who told TNT “you give a little more to the community, you get back so much more”. She explained that taking care of the community is central to the business’ continued success.

She also cites that unlike other eateries, Dougy’s does not use artificial ingredients as this is harmful to the body. Although the unnatural ingredients may to enhance the flavour, “we do not have added MSGs”, she said.

When speaking of challenges in bringing the Chorlton branch to fruition, Dennis said there has been no negative challenges. However, he said the only challenge was “doing it to a standard that people like and appreciate and accept. I thought it would be a challenge but so many people from the community like plumbers and barbers have helped”.

Dougy’s Uptown is serving up treats in Chorlton from Mondays to Saturdays; 8.30am until 9pm.

TNT Business Yasin Chinembiri

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