Over a dozen high-rise towers in Manchester have unsafe cladding

Almost 20 Manchester flats to have unsafe cladding stripped

Test results on building materials in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster have revealed that 60 high-rise blocks in 25 areas of England are unsafe, the government confirms.

It is reported that 17 residential Manchester high-rises are to have their cladding removed.

Local reports state that one of the buildings failed government tests, hence it is being taken down.

The flats in Hulme, Rusholme, Levenshulme, Gorton and Wythenshawe are almost all run by the social landlord One Manchester. They are now being fully inspected to ensure other aspects of their fire safety do not fall short.

There are no residents who have been evacuated because of the cladding failures so far. Instead they have been given 24-hour fire wardens while the material is stripped. The flats in question include Westcott Court, Duffield Court and Fulton Court in Hulme. Additionally Platt Court and Worsley Court in Rusholme are on the list too..

One Manchester recently posted on their website citing that a contractor has been appointed to remove the ACM cladding as soon as possible.

“We are liaising with Manchester City Council and the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service”, they said.

“We all want to ensure that all necessary safety measures are in place to avoid the need for homes to be evacuated for any period.

“Until additional safety measures are in place to enhance our existing arrangements, 24-hour security is now in operation in every tower block to provide a ‘wakeful watch’ to raise the alarm and manage the building evacuation in the event of a fire”.

Similar materials to those at Grenfell Tower

A spokesman for One Manchester housing group said it will remove cladding from five high-rise tower blocks that failed safety tests.

Elsewhere in Manchester, 78 panels are being removed from one area of the Village 135 development in Wythenshawe.

The new building has decorative cladding on its top levels in one part, and tests have shown it could be made of similar materials to those at Grenfell Tower.

Other towers declared unsafe so far are in Portsmouth and Sunderland, as well as Norwich, Doncaster, Stockton-on-Tees and Plymouth.

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