Dwight Yorke blames sports industry for racism

Dwight Yorke openly blames racism for not getting a job in football management.

The former Manchester United striker has stated that he would like to step into management, and has completed all of his coaching badges to attain that.

The Trinidad and Tobago international made clear that he wanted the Aston Villa job following Roberto Di Matteo’s sacking at the start of October.

However, he can’t even get a job interview, believing that this is a mixed result of his lack of experience and colour.

Yorke explains that: “You keep hitting a wall, keep constantly, not getting anywhere and even with all the noises that I’ve made.

“Maybe I will never get a chance to be manager but it would be nice to have the chance to present myself and then be told I’m not experienced enough”.

The football star’s only coaching experience has come with the Trinidad and Tobago national team and he admits that becoming a football manager is also about who you know.

At the moment there are no black managers in the Premier League and only two high-profile examples in the Championship.

There has been an issue within English football which has seen a lack of black managers, and Yorke’s remarks may be a wake-up call.

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Photo credit: Hossein Heidarpour

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