Ed Miliband’s last ditch attempt at a “rescue plan”

 “A better plan for the NHS today, a better plan for the NHS for the future”

Introduced by a North Manchester General Hospital NHS student nurse with the mantra ‘We need time to care’, Ed Miliband injected youthful spirit into the Labour election campaign at a conference held in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Brooks Building, whilst the Green Party protested outside.

The Labour leader Ed Miliband spoke to a packed hall of student nurses, NHS workers and members of the public about Labour’s plans for the NHS. The chief and opening point centred around Labour’s “NHS rescue plan” that would take effect within the first 100 days of a Labour government.

Poised and punchy, the Opposition Leader began by saying that there is only just over two weeks left before the General Election and “that’s just over two weeks to decide what the future of our country looks like. There’s nowhere that the choice matters more than the NHS service.”

The blueprint strategy to implement this included “Improving GP access and increasing the number of NHS trained emergency staff on 111.” Miliband also pledged an increase in NHS staff, including 20,000 new nurses and 5000 more doctors.

Labour’s first Budget would include a levy on tobacco companies and a mansion tax on homes worth more than £2m to help raise £2.5bn for the NHS.

After his 11-minute speech, Ed Miliband took questions from the audience which included members of the public, the press and MMU students and staff. The majority of the audience are either in health and social care or have had personal experiences with someone affected by the NHS.

Responding to the great deal of personal testimonies regarding the NHS shared by the audience, Miliband summed up by saying Labour have a better plan (than the Tories) for the NHS today; “a better plan for the NHS for the future”.

When asked by a BBC press correspondent on what he would say about the drowning migrants in the Mediterranean Sea if he was Prime Minister, Miliband said he would be telling the EU conference that “I would be saying ‘Let’s go and restart the search and rescue mission. Britain is better than that [leaving the migrants to die].”


TNT News Yasin Chinembiri


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