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Editor in Chief – June 2015 – Corporate Social Responsibility who cares?

British summertime is supposedly here and yet there is no real sun in sight, what’s up with that?
As if that isn’t grim enough, five more years of Tory austerity measures in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, elderly get over looked, tuition fees rise, child poverty will increase to epidemic proportion and, make no bones about it, the NHS as we know it will be no more.
In better news, The Nubian Times is launching shortly our paid edition which will cost 50p. For that price you get our new supplement called UK URBAN VIBE which is an entertainment and lifestyle pullout that will feature UK artists and actors, restaurants, clubs, theatre, music and all the latest UK entertainment scoops and gossip. Don’t panic, our free newspaper will still be available and will have everything you have become accustomed to, just no supplement.
If that isn’t enough, there is all of the above and more at on a daily basis. Whether you love or hate what you read online be sure to leave your comments- good or bad. Your opinion is valid, be your own critic. How to leave your comments? Scroll down to the bottom of the article and write your thoughts or merely ‘like’ the article.
The Nubian Times is also launching a new campaign, ‘Engaging a diverse Manchester’, which has been devised to bring Manchester communities and cultures together through TNT News by highlighting the issues you face and wish to hear about using current affairs, education and local news. Promoting and marketing the many aspects of the several diverse cultures in the city, you can use TNT to enrich yours and others’ lives by discovering the food, business and events multicultural Manchester has to offer to the wider community in a way that thousands of people otherwise wouldn’t have a clue about.
Manchester City Council regeneration manager at the local South Manchester Enterprise Network stated that Manchester over the next 10 years Manchester is going to undergo massive rejuvenation from retail to housing and large companies will inevitably be making Manchester their new home. This begs the question if Manchester has indeed experience the worst recession in 100 years, is retail therapy the answer? More homes yes, but what is rarely discussed is that about the 99.2% small business’in the UK that drive the economy. Its not, or it shouldn’t be just about the medium size companies at 1.7% or 0.1% large corporate business who continually plonk themselves down in our communities and do sweet F.A to help (pardon my french) “Corporate and social responsibility, my eye.”
Take a look around your area, look at the culprits of neglecting CSR, never involve themselves in community events, never donate or the bare minimum, false promises in large arena’s then swerve you thereafter as they have no intention to honour their pledge.
Anyway I’m bored, just be aware peeps, I’m forever watching and collaborating all I need for that story until next time sygnora


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