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Editor in Chief Letter – September 2018 – R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Yes it’s that time of the month again, where I can have my say on all things that truly touched a nerve and those that have – to coin a phrase – rubbed me up the wrong way.

The sad news for TNT News this month was the passing away of firstly the legend that was Aretha Franklin. Who remembers her in the blues brothers? The song that will always say Aretha to me is of course and I’m singing it whilst typing is R.E.S.P.E.C.T. To this day I believe the history of “Respect” reveals just how revolutionary an artist Franklin was, and how much her impact endures to this day. Released during a pivotal time in the feminist and civil rights movements, Franklin’s version of “Respect” became emblematic of both. Her work has a particular meaning for the black freedom movement, for the civil rights movement, for the black power movement, and for black women.

The second sad passing was Kofi Annan, the ex-UN Secretary General who effectively taught the world how to do politics. Perhaps Theresa May should look towards the Ghanaian diplomat’s ways rather than spend time dancing in Africa whilst things at home are crumbling: cue the ensuing Brexit ‘no-deal’ outcome. Additionally, Donald Trump is under fire for staying silent on Annan’s passing. The Ghanaian was a humanitarian and to be fair a leader not a follower in his own right.  A recipient of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize, Annan was lauded at home and abroad. If you do not know him…read up about him and get to know!

Then there’s Joe Jackson…what do I really want to say. RIP to them all – definitely. Joe is of course Michael Jackson’s reportedly ‘overbearing father’. Boy I’m going to be real…he’s gonna have to answer some tough questions when he goes to meet his maker, if reports about his stashed millions of US dollars away from his family. Michael nah let him in dem deh gates, trust me!

This edition, as always, is packed with the good, bizarre, inspirational and relevant news. Idris is in there…ladies, Carnival fever, don’t believe the hype about the Moss Side shooting which the mainstream media is dishing out, Windrush gagging order from The Conservatives, Manchester Pride, Skin Whitening, Local man launches unique mixed-hair care. Ok hold up, does mixed hair really need its own line of products? I’m not knocking it; just raising the question for open discussion. David Lammy on the injustice towards black youth yet again! The first gay batwoman, white privilege is alive and kicking in this edition – yes people it’s going off in September’s edition of The Nubian Times.

Manchester it’s been a crazy 12 months and most of it was bad, but I think we are finally seeing a glimmer of hope in the horizon; even though that heatwave is gone. Lets see what materialises over the next month and see if i was right.

Until next time, stay blessed folks.

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