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Meet our Editor

Yasin is TNT’s editor. On hand with everything from writing front page news pieces, theatre and food reviews, directing weekly video broadcasts to managing and editing the team and their digital content. Yasin is a man of many talents.

He is always one to get involved, and is always up for a laugh. Does this guy ever have a bad day?

With a kind heart, warm disposition and friendly smile, Yasin is the go-to man for fledgling journalists and interns  or anyone trying to find their way in creative media and beyond.

Yasin is also known for his fashionable dress sense. His camel trench coat is always a winner, if you ask me.

The office would just not be the same without him.

For more updates on what life is like behind the scenes here at TNT, stay tuned every Tuesday at 12 noon.

TNT Blog Alexia Hendrickson

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