Editor’s Letter – August 2019

Happy heatwavey summer, everyone! In addition to celebrating the great summer weather we have been experiencing, some of you are revelling in the rays of our ‘glorious’ new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. I mean sarcasm or not, this summer has brought about many surprising feats for the country in general.

It’s graduation season and whilst many are throwing their hats in the air for reaching significant milestone, some graduates deserve a little more recognition for their achievement. In Manchester, a mother and son both graduated from University of Salford, whilst a mental health nurse graduated at Salford Quays after overcoming a life-threatening illness which left her in a coma. Plenty more on Education in this edition and online, including the new measures to tackle discriminatory school exclusions.

A wise person once said ‘mountains are there to be climbed’; and they were certainly right because it is through records that people find the motivation required to work hard at surpassing them. Many congratulations to Lil Nas X for beating the record for holding the longest-running number one song in US chart history with ‘Old Town Road’. Previous record holder Mariah Carey congratulated him and told him to ‘Keep living your best life’; we are sure he already is. In other entertainment news, Katy Perry has been found guilty of copyright infringement and will be tried in court for copying Christian rapper Flame’s song Joyful Noise. More entertainment on page 10 and 11; head over to the section for more drama and excitement.

In health news this month we discuss whether the new Amazon sun cream that burns fat as you tan is good for you or not. British people go crazy for the sun due to its rarity on the island so this sun cream is essentially “a game-change” for sun care. More on this on page 7. There is also the news that special road signs could be placed on the pavement to guide ‘zombie’ pedestrians whose eyes are glued to their mobile phones whilst walking. The action follows a surge in the number of kids being killed or seriously injured as they cross the road while staring at their phones. Smartphones – both a blessing and a curse, so to speak.

It has been revealed that hackers can now bypass the £30 contactless payment limit on bank cards. Yes, thieves can now lift this protection so that any amount of cash in your bank account can be spent. Anxious? Well head over to Page 14 for more on this and how to protect yourself from the possible catastrophe.

In Sports, after England won the Cricket World Cup for the first time, the team will now face yet another opportunity to take the urn back in a home series of the 71st Ashes series. Can England complete a World Cup-Ashes double? Meanwhile, in boxing, the WBC has suspended Dillian Whyte’s status as the interim world heavyweight champion and mandatory challenger to Deontay Wilder, after allegations of a failed drug test. Whyte tested positive for a banned substance three days before he beat Oscar Rivas on 20 July. In his words, he beat Rivas “fair and square”. Check TNT Sport for more on this and other sports news.

For all you carnival-goers, festival-strollers and party-animals, don’t hold back the fun but be safe! Take care, everyone.

TNT Editor

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