Editor’s letter July 2019

As Summer has officially entered, I would like to welcome you all to yet another warm and sunny edition of The Nubian Times paper. I hope you are wearing that sun cream though, because don’t forget, we all burn, no matter the skin colour.

Speaking of sun cream, apparently Amazon has produced a game-changer of a sun cream. It has made a sun cream that burns fat as you tan. I mean there is revolutionary then there is this – bonkers! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? As well as providing protection against UVA and UVB rays, the cream incorporates a thermogenic (hear producing) fat burner to compliment any healthy endeavours to lose weight or get fit. All this for just £9.99 apparently. Head over to our website for more on this story.

“Who really should be Britain’s next Prime Minister?” is the question on many people’s lips. The final stage of the Conservative leadership election is now under way with Boris Johnson facing off with Jeremy Hunt. The two are due to compete in a series of hustings across the country, after which 160,000 Conservative party members will pick which of them will go on to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

For many, the clue to the question around who should be PM lies in the acceptance or rejection of whether we should take a risk or play it safe. Both men are loathed for different reasons in a time when British politics is experienced severed ties and fault lines across all its ranks. Whoever the winner is, the choice is most likely to be made on the personality rather than their policies.

We have experienced the cricket World Cup! Critics blame the English Cricket board for this. Few people in England are watching and plenty are barely aware that this tournament is taking place. Not a single game is being shown live on terrestrial television. This represents a catastrophic failure on behalf of England’s cricketing authorities. A domestic-hosted World Cup represented an opportunity for the sport to reintroduce itself to fans who’ve stopped engaging since cricket disappeared to satellite TV, and to introduce itself to a new generation. This should have been straightforward. Something desperately needs to change, but is it too late? Head over to our sports section for more on the World Cup and other sports.

In Entertainment, we have some-what a rapture in ‘Koffee’. The new reggae sensation from Jamaica is only 19 and is making waves internationally thanks to her Rapture album. Rave reviews about her and the album have meant she is now a household name across the globe. Head over to our website to watch her single and more music and entertainment.

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