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Editor’s letter – June 2019

As we are nearing the midpoint of 2019, there is a sense that what has already passed in the few months since January is what normally takes place in a whole year. If we look at just politics alone, dare I say sarcastically that not much has gone on. Hello, everyone and welcome to yet another edition of TNT.

As pre-empted last month (May-day May-day), our Prime Minister has decided to step down from office effective of 7 June. After 3 tumultuous years at the helm, Mrs May announced her resignation following growing opposition to her leadership within her own party. The former Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson was the instant favourite to replace her as next the Prime Minister. However, now his rival Michael Gove has overtaken him as favourite. The Tory infighting has been relentless and perhaps the chief reason that led Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party to victory in the EU elections in May. Labour looks weak as calls to oust leader Jeremy Corbyn are on the rise. To say British politics is truly experiencing a crisis, is an understatement.

In other welcome news for many home owners, there is a new law that allows them to extend without planning permission. In a wide-reaching package of reforms, rights allowing larger home extensions have been made permanent. More on this on Page 5. The pressure on top universities to reform their admission process has yielded some positive outcomes. Universities have been told to “accelerate efforts” to close a gap in degree attainment between white and black, Asian and minority ethnic students. Meanwhile, Oxford University will offer a free year of study under new measures to widen access, to students from disadvantaged backgrounds that fail to meet the A-level grades required for entry. More on this on Page 7.

Whilst there is progress for BAME communities within education, there is still some ground to be covered for black women in entertainment, according to Ghetts. “Everything around women with a darker complexion has been going on for centuries, I can’t tell you how long. These women are a true reflection of me, I felt like I’m going to speak up for them,” the Londoner said. We cover the story in full on Page 11. Head over to Page 10 and 11 for more Entertainment stories.

This year has seen the retail market take some heavy blows, with Debenhams, Boots, Starbucks and many more cutting jobs in a bid to secure further trading and sheer survival in an unforgiving and changing economic era. A recent addition to the list of firms falling victim to the retail job cut woes is Ford. The car giant is cutting about 7,000 jobs by the end of August, about a tenth of its global workforce. For more business news, head over to Page 14.

“Let’s talk about six, baby” was the line Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp coined after clinching this year’s Champions League trophy in the final in Madrid. Klopp celebrated his side’s Champions League glory by breaking out into song during a television interview. Klopp ended a run of six successive final defeats and claimed a first trophy as Reds boss when his side beat Tottenham 2-0. Although Liverpool fell short in the Premier League, this was their year as the club shone through with determination, grit and attacking effectiveness. Many congratulations to Liverpool and their ‘noisy’ fans on this incredible feat. Manchester teams, good luck for next year.

Until next month, stay cool folks.

TNT Editor

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

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