Eight confirmed dead at West African Football Stadium

Eight people have been killed during the Senegal football league cup final in Dakar, West Africa this month. A wall at the Senegal stadium collapsed under pressure onto supporters. Crushing numerous onlookers and triggering a panicked crowd surge.

It has been reported that some fans threw projectiles, including stones, at one another in the stadium.

The police have been criticised for their use of tear gas, that had been fired in to the crowd. Pictures have now circulated online showing crowds scrambling over a low wall through clouds of gas. Onlookers reported that policing for the match was insufficient.

Sports Minister Matar Ba said, approximately sixty injured fans have been taken to health services in Dakar and a young girl was one of the eight people who lost their lives. He vowed “strong measures will be taken so that such an event will never be repeated in Senegal”.

.All sporting and cultural events have been suspended for the next month in an act of respect.

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Photo Credit: Jeff Attaway

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