Elba’s waistcoat is the real winner

As the host of the 2018 Fifa “The Best” Awards, Idris Elba wasn’t nominated for any of the honors of the night, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t walk away from the awards as a winner. Elba stole the show when he appeared on the stage wearing a waistcoat printed with a design of photos of Gareth Southgate wearing a waistcoat.

Southgate, the manager of the England National Team, is well-known for wearing fitted waistcoats, perhaps most memorably while watching his team play in the 2018 World Cup.

The visual of Elba in his festive waistcoat was especially charming once Southgate also appeared on-stage, clad in a waistcoat (although not one with his visage on it, which might have been too meta.)

As might be expected, the Internet was more than thrilled with Elba’s cheeky sartorial homage to Southgate and took to social media to share their feelings about the eye-popping look.

Jeremy Abbott tweeted: “Idris Elba is wearing a waistcoat with Gareth Southgate in a waistcoat on it while standing next to Gareth Southgate wearing a waistcoat”.

Whilst @nutmegradio wrote: “Idris Elba is hosting the FIFA Football Awards and is wearing a waistcoat with pictures of Gareth Southgate wearing a waistcoat on it because Idris can do whatever he wants to do.”

England’s national team’s Twitter account weren’t so please, however. The account tweeted in response saying: “We prefer the original, @idriselba…” Talk about dampening the mood. Well done to the admin of that account.

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Photo Credit: @elegbete1

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