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Election 2017: Conservatives 42%, Labour 40%

Election 2017: Theresa May’s election gamble has backfired

The general election has ended in a hung Parliament, where no party has the 326 seats needed to get an overall majority in the House of Commons.

Prime Minister called a snap election in the hope that she would get a majority in the House of Commons. Theresa May’s call for a snap election has been termed “a politically naïve move” by opposition leaders.

The results of the election 2017 in seats are

Conservatives have 318

Labour has 261

Liberal Democrats 12

SNP 35

DUP 10

Others 13

So what happens now and who is the prime minister?

Theresa May remains the prime minister, and the Conservative government stays in office, until it is decided who will attempt to form a new government or unless she decides to resign.

Will the Conservatives form the next government?

Not necessarily. The party with the most MPs is normally described as the winner and its leader nearly always goes on to become the next prime minister.

But in a scenario like this, when no party has enough MPs to form a majority, it is possible for the party that came second to form a government with the help of other parties.

Labour, which finished second, has indicated it will seek to form a minority government.

What happens now?

Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn could opt to go it alone and try to run a minority government. Either of them could rely on the support of smaller parties when needed to get their laws passed.

Alternatively, there may be a frenzied round of talks between the party leaders and their negotiating teams. All this could happen as they try to put together another coalition government or a looser deal.

Who gets the first go at putting together a deal?

Theresa May, whose party looks set to get 319 seats, can stay on as prime minister while she tries to put a majority together.

If it becomes clear that she can’t and Jeremy Corbyn can, then she will be expected to resign. Mr Corbyn would then become the prime minister.

Mr Corbyn does not have to wait for Mrs May before he starts trying to put a deal of his own together. He can hold talks with potential partners at the same time as Mrs May. They may even be talking to the same people.

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