Elevate your evolution – My experience

Astrology has been used for centuries and is a reflective tool once we understand how energy works.

It is also useful once we know how to use the intricate alignments to enhance our own lives and evolve to our greatest potential.

Since it was introduced to me over 7 years ago, through a spiritual experience, it was the very first time I saw a true reflection of myself in the alignment of the stars.

Ever since, I have used this system not only to continue to elevate myself but also help others understand their light within and explore their potential.

Understanding your star sign and its ruling planet can tell you a lot about your personality, but just using a horoscope system we lose the detail to generalisation.

It is in the details of the moon, Venus, Mars, other planetary bodies and houses that we begin to understand our life in totality.

Additionally, everything that corresponds with what’s above is affecting us below; we are not separate. We are interconnected multi-dimensional beings with a higher purpose and message to share with the world. That’s why we are here right?

We are constantly evolving. Spiralling through space trying to interpret this thing called life on a micro and macro level. Once we plug into the unlimited universe and apply quantum physics with the foundations of this ancient system, we become limitless.

Where was the sun and planets when you were born? Take the journey to know thyself!


TNT Astrology

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