Elizabeth Williams crowned Miss Caribbean UK 2017

In the fourth Miss Caribbean UK (MCUK) beauty pageant, Grenada’s Elizabeth Williams was named Miss Caribbean UK 2017.

Williams stole the show in a glitzy event that took place in South London.

Coming second and third were Jamaicans Santrece Stewart and Carissma Griffiths, respectively. Williams, also won the award for Best Evening Dress on the night, having won designs by AgyeFrance Design.

She dazzled the judges with her beauty, charm, grace and eloquence discussing the impact she intends to have in the region and across the Diaspora.

In her new role as ambassador of the Caribbean, she will speak on the issues affecting the region. She will highlight how governments, private businesses, organisations and other stakeholders can unite to bring solutions for the next generations.

MCUK founders Jacqui Brown and Clayton Brown were reportedly over the moon with how this year’s event had been received by the public. “We would like to thank all our finalists for participating in the fourth Miss Caribbean UK.

“They were all absolutely amazing and we hope that they enjoyed themselves and remember, whether they were placed or not, their experience with Miss Caribbean UK has not ended.

“Miss Caribbean UK would like to give special thanks to our hosts and also our behind-the-scenes support Kloe Dean and Jazmyn Raikes, Karen Komplete Small and Carol Rose for sharing your resourceful, creative, inspirational and awesome skills to the 2017 finalists.

“We eagerly look forward to see what’s in stall for MCUK2018.”

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Photo Credit: DoveGrenada

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