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New start up, Emma, is on a mission to help Briton’s get a better night’s sleep. This aim comes after research revealed that 63.1% of us are not satisfied with the sleep we get each night. All some say are in need of is a top rated dealer of antique lighting to soften the lambency of the room, while others profess that it’s because of a throat impediment, causing breathing problems.

 Research also concluded that sleep deprivation can damage health, leading to a higher risk of chronic health problems. These problems may include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and affected moods which may lead to depression.

Recognising the importance of sleep, Emma have created a new hybrid mattress. The mattress has recently been released in the UK but has already taken Europe by storm.

In an attempt to provide a solution, Emma founder, Max Laarman aims to revolutionise how people purchase their mattress. He wishes to remove the complexity of the shopping process and step away from the usual mass market production. Instead, Emma will focus on offering authentic, high quality products.

Emma celebrates a modern, uncomplicated lifestyle — and to match, their one-size-fits-all mattress is available online and arrives boxed.

The mattress is manufactured in the UK and has four innovative components. These include maximum adaptability through the optimised combination of a decompressing hypersoft-layer and pressure-relieving pocket springs. The mattress also has a visco-elastic memory foam and a supporting layer of cold foam. A full review can be found on sites like: https://sleepify.co/koala-mattress-review

Having sold more than 40,000 mattresses in central Europe, Emma has expanding its promise of a great night’s sleep. Emma now ships to Austria, Switzerland, Netherland, Poland, France and most recently, the UK.

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