Equipment seized at student house party in Fallowfield



Students are being warned not to hold loud house parties after a pair of speakers and other technological equipment was seized from a house in Fallowfield. Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police officers went to the house on Victoria Road last week and removed four speakers, an amplifier and a CD player following weeks of complaints from neighbours.

The City Council, who is working with Manchester Student Homes (the university run housing service), warned the 10 students about unacceptable noise levels and frequent rowdy parties last month. However despite repeated visits from the council, the noise levels continued and the students were served with a noise abatement notice.

The group of students went on to break this notice by hosting more loud parties in the early hours of the morning, leading the council and the police to seize the equipment. The students were warned of the consequences of holding loud parties in the run up to this term.

Speakers were also seized from a house on Cawdor Street in October following complaints from nearby neighbours that their furniture was shaking due to the music.

Manchester City Council’s executive member for neighbourhoods, Councillor Nigel Murphy has said “We’ve told residents that we’re taking the problem of noisy student parties very seriously, and the fact we’ve seized equipment from two houses in the last few weeks demonstrates that we will not tolerate unacceptable levels of noise coming from student houses”.

A spokesman for Manchester Student Homes has added “The majority of students live respectfully in the community and continue to bring many positive benefits. However any students who continue to cause a noise disturbance can face similar sanctions and can have their equipment seized. Both Manchester universities have robust disciplinary procedures in place for unneighbourly conduct”.

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